Enjoy a natural Christmas

Mmm... prunes, figs, dates, nuts and chocolate

We have carefully selected our Chritmas assortment of dried fruits, nuts and natural snacks for you to enjoy Christmas without the hassle and rush. All our natural Christmas delights can be enjoyed right out of the bag or box - making it easy for you to serve Christmas sweets for your family and guests. Prunes, figs, dates, almonds and confectionery belong to Christmas.

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Cultivation, processing & preparation

We understand the link between a natural cultivation, a careful processing and a simple preparation. We call this value chain for Earth Control. The value in our products are secured when we cultivate and harvest raw materials with respect for planet Earth. And the value is really blooming when you have the products in your hands. We know that if we make it easy and inspiring, then you will make it delicious and inviting.

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Green Cooking

Go green every day!

Green Cooking is a brand new vegan product range offering easy and delicious meal solutions for the busy days.

The product range includes both mix for crispy Falafles and delicious Veggie Steaks, as well as varieties with Bulgur and Lentil Mix - all composed of carefully selected, plant-based ingredients and flavored so the entire family can enjoy a vegetarian meal.

Explore our new green meals and find exciting recipes and lots of new inspiration for a green everyday life.

Go on a green adventure

Enjoy Naturally

We aim to make it convenient for you to take more green, healthy and natural choices. All our natural products are vegetarian and can be enjoyed directly out of the bag. It's natural energy that makes a difference to your salad, breakfast or snacks - in other words, so you are able to succeed with your meal choices without any hassle.

Natural Quality

makes a world of difference

Earth Control is carefully selected nuts, kernels and dried fruits sourced from all over the World. Our natural products make a world of difference to you when you want to add that extra touch to your salad or breakfast - and when you want to enjoy natural, green and healthy taste experiences.

For the mornings where you need extra energy. For the little hunger on the go and the delicious treat in the sofa. For the dish that you have made a hundred times before - and the salad that just need something refreshingly new. For the evening where you feel like trying something different. In other words: Our natural products make a world of difference to YOU, when you are busy, and would like to enjoy naturally and seek new taste experiences.

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