The professional kitchen

We have developed a product range of our most popular products adapted to the professional kitchen. Earth Control is characterized by high quality and food safety, and we take pride in being able to inspire more people to eat more green meals. Therefore, you will also be inspired by exciting recipes that are easy to go through in your kitchen.

Explore our versatile assortment of XL bags, where you will find a wide selection of products for both the salad bar, the breakfast buffet, the catering service, the baked goods or the healthy touch of the snack bowl! Bon appetite! 

Create a green buffet

Top the salads and your green meals with nuts, kernels and dried fruits. They are the icing on the cake and make a world different for the guests and the green elements of a buffet or a dish.

Try to combine  new ingredients and flavors and let yourself be inspired by our many salad recipes and specially selected salad toppings and snacks.

Crunchy SNACKS "TO GO"

We have hand-picked a small selection of delicious, crispy snacks that are perfect "on the go"or to enjoy in a well-deserved break.

The snack bags are perfect at the reception for your guests, they can be served in the meeting room as a delicious snack or they can be enjoyed as a small snack when you are at work.

Dry roasted in Aarhus, Denmark

To make it easier for you, we both have nuts that are natural and also some that are dry-roasted and light-salted.

Most nuts, of course, taste delicious exactly as they are, but their natural nut flavor is highlighted when they are gently roasted and added a light sprinkle of salt. At our own Roastery in Aarhus we have made sure to dry and lightly salt selected nuts for you, so they can be enjoyed right out of the bag. Dry roasting means that we have no added oil in the roasting, but that the natural taste of the nuts is highlighted. First, the nuts come in a salt bath before we shake them slowly at low temperatures. We know our raw materials and have an attitude on how they come to their right.