There is nothing in the world like home roasted nuts!

Just outside the city of Aarhus in Denmark you find a small roastery. It may not look like much, but it feels like home for us and everyone who gets the chance to get around here.

And if you get around you will experience that this small roastery is packed with dreams and the highest ambitions. We travel around the world to find the very best nuts and bring them back to our skilled and passionate roasters. For them roasting is a lifestyle and a matter of closing in on perfection every day, creating nuts with an impeccable combination of crunch and taste.

You will find that our roasters are pretty adventurous, too. They never stop experimenting with new roasting techniques and spices and try to bring out new and surprisingly, satisfying flavours. What if we roast at this temperature? What if we spice these almonds with liquorice or cashew nuts with sour crème & onion? Do they taste great? Absolutely, if we may say so ourselves. Do we succeed every time? Absolutely not, but those we keep for the bin.

What matters most is that we after years of experience still have the feeling that we have just got started. There are still so many different nuts, flavours, tastes and combinations to refine at our small roastery – a place that feels like home. Naturally, our new family of roasted nuts could only have one name: Home Roasted.

Natural cultivation

The Cashew-tree is from West India, but is cultivated as a fruit tree many places in the Tropics. The cashew-tree is common as a utility plant i South East Asia and East Africa. The plant is a 20 meter high tree. After blooming, the stem swells and creates the cashew apple. The moon shaped nut sits directly on the cashew apple. And each apple have one stem in which there are one seed - in other words, there is one cashew nut in each stem on the cashew apple. The cashew apple itself is often eaten by the local people.