Green Cooking

Go green every day!

Green Cooking is a brand new vegan product range offering easy and delicious meal solutions for the busy days.

Green Cooking doen´t have to be time consuming, boring or difficult to create more green meals at home. Go green every day with Earth Control® Green Cooking - a brand new product range of vegan meal solutions that make it easy and delicious to create new taste adventures and get more green meals on the table.

Explore our green universe below ...

100 % plant based

Mix for crispy Falafles and delicious Veggie Burgers, composed of carefully selected, plant-based ingredients and flavored so the entire family can enjoy a vegetarian meal. Just add water, shape the Falafles or Veggie Burger and fry thrm on the pan until crispy and golden. In a maximum of 20 minutes you have a delicious, tasty alternative to meat classics such as meatballs and mince steaks.

The claim of Vegetarian Society of Denmark

"At The Vegetarian Society of Denmark we work for vegetarian and vegan products to be accessible to everyone. We are really pleased that Earth Control® adds even more delicious, green solutions to the market. The globe and future generations need us eat more green, so it's important that more companies take responsibility and allow Danes to choose green solutions in supermarkets like Earth Control® does. " - Mie Nordly, Business Manager of  The Vegetarian Society of Denmark.

Bulgur Mix og Lentil Mix with lots of flavour

The special pre-cooking makes it extra quick to get the fiber-rich and protein-containing legumes on the table - they just have to cook for 10 minutes. Both varieties are lightly seasoned so you are guaranteed a great taste. Enjoy as an alternative to rice and pasta, use as filling in salads or soups.