Fruits Dried in the Sun

Sundried fruits with lots of sweetness - all natural. Our assortment of sundried fruits consists of apricots, dates, prunes, jumbo raisins and prunes that all have enjoyed a good long sunbath in warm weather which bring out the natural sweetness. Sundried fruits makes a world of difference in the lunch box for kids as well as grown ups, but also as a snack in the afternoon when the energy is low.

Enjoy straight out of the bag. No added sugar. Lots of fruity flavor in every bite.

Carefully Selected

Our carefully selected sundried apricots are from Turkey where the warm climate provide optimal growth conditions. Apricots are a stone fruit that grow on trees. The beautiful apricot trees bloom in March and the ripe apricots are picked in July. In between the apricot trees are in hibernation. 

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