Sweet & Crispy

Banana Chips

  • Net weight: 250 g
  • Origin: Phillipines

When the fresh, sun-ripened bananas are harvested, they are washed, peeled and cut into slices. Then they are pampered with a sweet honeycoat before they are deep-fried in coconut oil. The result is a sweet and crispy snack that tempts both children and childish souls. Banana chips can be enjoyed right out of the bag, blended in the homemade muesli or top off at breakfast to spice it up with a little exotic flavor.

Product details


68% bananas, coconut oil, sugar, honey, aroma



How to store

Store dry, cool and tightly closed

Nutrition content pr. 100G

  • Energy 2167 KJ (518kcal)
  • Fat 34g
  • - of which is saturated fat 31g
  • Carbohydrate 51g
  • - of which is sugars 35g
  • Dietary fiber 7.7g
  • Protein 2.3g