Pine Kernels

Our carefully selected pinekernels have a mild, nutty flavor that is highlighted when fried easily on a pan. The point of pine nuts is that they make a world different for you and your salads on busy days.

Natural cultivation

Pine kernels are a fun size in more than one sense. In fact, pine kernels are really a seed. The seed sits in the pine cone, which grows on the pine tree - a coniferous tree, which is grown mainly in the Middle East, the USA and China. As a raw material, pine kernels are quite expensive, but there is a natural reason. The cones takes 3 years to mature, and then they must be heated to release the seeds. Each pine loin gives approx. 40-50 pine kernels, all of which are surrounded by a chestnut-brown skin that is hard to remove. 

Careful processing

In November and December you can buy whole pine cones in selected supermarkets and let them stand in a warm place until the seeds slowly fall off the cone. Then release the individual pine nuts by removing the hard shell. It's a huge job, but it's worth the effort to get rid of the little delicate grains from the pine cone.

Simple preperation

Shake the pine kernels lightly on a warm pan until they are golden. In this way the delicate, mild and nutty flavor is emphasized. Give them a sprinkle of salt and enjoy them as a topping on a classic tomato salad, green summer salad or as an ingredient in your homemade pesto.

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