Jumbo Raisins

Our jumbo raisins are carefully selected from Chile where they are recognized as gourmet raisins due to the size, the soft and moist texture and delicious, natural sweetness. Jumbo raisins makes a world of difference, when they are enjoyed as breakfast topping or as a natural, sweet snack in between meals for example in the lunch box.

Natural Cultivation

Our jumbo raisins are cultivated in the Central and Northern part of Chile in South America. The warm climate gives the wine stocks perfect growth conditions. The raisin sort is called Jumbo Flame and the mighty and moist raisins are actually secondary for the cultivation. The main reason for growing Jumbo Flame is for the fresh eating grapes. This gives a really high quality of the dried grapes - the raisins - with lots of natural sweet flavor.

Gentle processing

The Jumbo Flame grapes is harvested in February and March, after which the fresh grapes are washed and sorted before being dried in the hot sun of Chile.

Simple Preparation

Let jumbo raisins be a natural part of your breakfast table. The mighty, juicy raisins are great for toppings on your oats, cereal, yoghurt or as an ingredient in a homemade muesli or granola. They are perfect as a sweet snack directly from the bag or in the daily lunch box.

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