Our carefully selected cranberries from Canada have a sweet-sour flavor and a lovely red color that decorates most salads. Cranberries make a world of difference to you when you want to treat the family with a quick, delicious salad.

Natural cultivation

From the cranberry bush is planted until it is ready for harvest, it takes 3 years, but in return one can harvest on the plant for 100 years. Cranberries are grown for two reasons: primarily for the production of cranberry juice and secondarily for the preparation of the dried edible cranberries. This fully utilizes the harvest. Cranberry bushes grow in moss-like areas and when they are harvested in the autumn, the fields are flooded with water. The following day, special washer machines, a kind of whisk, are used to get the fresh red cranberries to float to the surface.

Careful processing

After the harvest, the berries are frozen for approx. 3 months before the raw juice is extracted for final juice preparation. The cranberries are then sweetened with cane sugar, which gives a better flavor balance to the natural characteristic acidity. Finally, they are gently dried in the oven so that they get the soft but dried consistency as we know it from our products.

Simple preperation

The sweet-sour taste makes dried cranberries a delicious snack right out of the bag, while the beautiful, dark red color decorates as topping on both salads or in cakes and pastries. Enjoy dried cranberries in homemade cookies or as a topping on cabbage salad, pasta salad or classic green summer salads.