The charming part about

Cashew nuts

Our carefully selected cashew nuts are mainly from Vietnam or India who are some of the best in the world to grow cashews due to the warm climate. Cashew nuts are charming to both smaller children and grown up's with the mild, soft and delicate taste which are perfect as a snack straight out of the bag or as topping on salads.

Natural cultivation

The Cashew-tree is from West India, but is cultivated as a fruit tree many places in the Tropics. The cashew-tree is common as a utility plant i South East Asia and East Africa. The plant is a 20 meter high tree. After blooming, the stem swells and creates the cashew apple. The moon shaped nut sits directly on the cashew apple. And each apple have one stem in which there are one seed - in other words, there is one cashew nut in each stem on the cashew apple. The cashew apple itself is often eaten by the local people.

Careful processing

It is demanding to remove the cashew nut from the shell as it takes manual removal and at the same time it contain a black, sticky oil. Hands and skin need protection from the oil that can cause a skin reaction if not being carefully handled. Our supplier of cashew nuts have either a Fairtrade or a Sedex certification which ensure that the local cashew workers have proper work conditions. We have also visited our suppliers and carefully selected them because of their high ethically standards and social responsability.

Simple preperation

Enjoy our dry roasted cashew nuts as a natural snack directly from the bag or use our natural cashews as topping on your salads. Cashew nuts make a world of difference to you, when you want that little extra touch on your green meals or snacks on the go. 



Natural or dry roasted cashew nuts?

To make it convenient for you, we offer both natural cashew nuts or dry roasted cashew nuts. Cashews taste delicious just as they are naturally, but the nutty flavour is enhanched when they are roasted and lightly salted. We have our own Roastery in Aarhus, Denmark where we are specialist in dry roasting. This process imply, that we roast the nuts at low temperatures without adding any additional oil. First we give the cashews a salt bath and then we roast them - so it´s easy and convenient for you to enjoy the nuts directly from the bag as a snack or topping.

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