Sun-dried apricots are fantastic. Our apricots are carefully selected because they have a delicious, juicy bite and a nice yellow color, but especially because the taste is perfectly sweet-sour. Our sun-dried apricots are the perfect sweet and natural snack, that can be enjoyed right out of the bag.

Natural cultivation

Our sun-dried apricots come from Turkey, where they get optimal growth conditions due to the warm climate of the Mediterranean. Apricots are a stone fruit that grows on trees. The beautiful apricot trees bloom in March and the fresh apricots are harvested in July. In the meantime, apricot trees lie dormant.

Careful processing

After the harvest the fresh, sun-dried apricots are pitted and dried under the sun. They are sorted manually several times in the process to ensure a high quality. Our apricots are sulfurized for 2 reasons. It is the tradition in Turkey where the apricots come from, that the beautiful orange-yellow color is retained. The apricots are also sulfurized to ensure a longer shelf life in the dried apricots. Of course, our apricots adhere to the limit values for sulfur dioxide in relation to the legislation, but if you prefer unsolved apricots, then go for the organic ones.

Simple preperation

Enjoy apricots as a delicious natural snack right out of the bag. You can also spice up Middle Eastern stews with the sun-dried apricots just as they also do well in rich salads, such as couscous or bulb salad. The apricots are also perfect in the lunch box or in home baked bread.