Our Mission

Our mission is to make it easy for you to succeed with natural, healthy and green taste experiences. We aim to create honest and convenient products for you. We know, that if we make it easy and inspiring, you will make it delicious and inviting.

Cultivation, processing & preparation

We understand the link between a natural cultivation, a careful processing and a simple preparation. We call this value chain for Earth Control. The value in our products are secured when we cultivate and harvest raw materials with respect for planet Earth. And the value is really blooming when you have the products in your hands.We know that if we make it easy and inspiring, then you will make it delicious and inviting.

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A World of Difference

Earth Control is carefully selected nuts, kernels and dried fruits sourced from all over the World. Our natural products makes a world of difference to you when you want to add that extra touch to your salad or breakfast - and when you want to enjoy natural, green and healthy taste experiences.

For the mornings when you need extra energy. For the little treat on the go or the crunchy snack in your sofa. For the dish you have made hundreds of times. And for the days where you want to try something new and different in your kitchen. Really, our natural products makes a world of difference to YOU when you are busy and need to be able to enjoy naturally in a convenient way.


New taste experiences

Earth Control is for you who is interested in where the products come from and seek the authentic. Earth Control is for you who is constantly trying to move your taste experiences away from the ordinary. Great taste is the feeling of success. Because you have the urge to move away from the habits and the courage to experiment. Hey - It's just food. There is a first time for everything.

Maybe the joy of trying something new is just what makes you a stronger, happier and more curious person? Perhaps you can make it a habit to break a habit because the new taste makes different. The taste! That is really what it´s all about. Our products are carefully selected to create greater taste experiences in your everyday life.

Recipe Inspiration 

Quality & Responsibility

Our raw materials come from all over the world where they are best grown naturally. It places great demands on both quality control, sourcing and responsibility. We are, among others, a member of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which is a European organization with a common system for controlling and educating suppliers in human rights and employee relations, as we actively want to ensure social responsibility throughout our value chain.

We are BRC certified which means that we live up to global rules and comply with established procedures within quality assurance of our raw materials and high food safety. In addition, we are also a member of the UN Global Compact, which is one of the world's largest, sustainable initiatives.

About Global Compact

Our quality department works on a daily basis to check all raw materials and products that are delivered to us to ensure that we have a high quality and comply within all rules and standards. It may happen, however, that a stone or something else slips into the bags as all our raw materials have a natural origin. If you have an unfortunate experience with one of our products, then we are happy to hear from you.

Our CSR report


Control Report

From the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark:
System Frugt kontrolrapport