With the relaunch of our new ECO range, we have taken the following environmental considerations based on


We use a foil made of 43% bio-based material
and there by reduce our CO2 emissions by just under a ton a year

We have reduced plastic consumption by 8.3%

We use a foil and label made of plastic from the same family, which allows the entire packaging to be recycled together

Our foil is not biodegradable, but it can be recycled and is made on renewable resources

It is a deliberate choice by us that we do not use a biodegradable packaging, as this can not be reused and thus will disrupt our way to sort and recycle waste in Denmark. In Denmark, we do not have an infrastructure that can handle biodegradable packaging at this time

We use a 2-layer foil as we need a barrier to protect our products, so we maintain a long shelf life and thus reduce food waste.

Plastic is good when it is handled correctly

Do you know the many advantages of plastic packaging?

  • Plastic protects its content

  • Plastic minimizes bacterial spread and increases food security

  • Plastic extends the shelf life of the food

  • Plastic actually reduces food waste - For example, a cucumber in a plastic packaging can be kept fresh for up to 14 days, while an unpacked one is only fresh for 3-7 days
  • Only between 1-4% of the total environmental impact of food comes from packaging, and in the vast majority of cases, more packaging is better for the environment than less packaging.

A sustainable future

With our new, innovative and sustainable ECO packaging, we use a combination of 2 foils and applied labels from the same plastic family and the packaging can therefore be 100% recyclable. On the packaging we also show how the packaging is handled after use. We are further working to change all of our foils forward to a more sustainable packaging type.

We also only use FSC-certified cardboard and apply only watercolor to all our labels.

We have also partnered with UPM Raflatac. This means that we collect all the back paper from our labels. This is picked up by Raflatac and the silicone on the paper is removed and the paper is recycled.

In general, climate, responsibility and sustainability are issues that are close to our green hearts - which is why we have chosen to use only CO2-neutral green energy at the head office System Frugt A / S from 2019.

Read more about our our quality control and many certifications here.

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